This is not news – content has always been king!

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‘New media’ was the buzzword in the nineties, ‘Digital’ dominated the naughties and now ‘Content’ is taking over as the new catchphrase for the – dare I say it – er, teenies(?). However, this is not new – surely it has always been about content, hasn’t it?

In the past, the controls and restrictions of traditional media outlets made it difficult to generate unlimited content. It had to follow somebody’s rules or the limits of the budget. Now the Internet has opened up the boundaries and everybody is flooding it with content.

Whilst this is great, there’s an awful lot of ‘stuff’ to trawl through. It’s no wonder that generation Y are permanently glued to their mobile devices – you can’t afford to be the person who hasn’t seen the latest video craze or meme. It’s tantamount to being a social pariah.

While the ‘yoof’ of today have got to grips with sharing the minutia of their lives, for better or worse, businesses are taking a little bit longer to catch on to the importance of content – especially on their websites.

Many company sites out there have invested in great design, but, when it comes to developing content they’re left in the last century. As a creative and digital enthusiast I’m interested in all things design but, at the root of it all, my interest is centred on what it does – communicate.

It’s the copy that sells. Yes, the other elements all play their parts – the idea, the design, the images and graphics. But without the copy it’s very rare that you’ll have a concept that sells.

So, content is quite rightly the new buzzword and it’s what brands should be focusing on. What does your content do for you?