Tick-tock for the thirtysomethings

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Changes to the default retirement age got me thinking about where the mature PR varieties go to when the sun is setting on their career?

I’d like to imagine that we skip off to a PR-filled utopia and live happily-ever-after, but somehow, I doubt it. Seriously though, where are the 60-year-olds in our industry?

I’m a good way off reaching that point, but with the Government now insisting that you can’t be booted out while you’re still blowing out the 65th candle, can we expect to be welcomed into an industry that appears to have a distinct lack of older people in it.

There are some clear reasons for a possible dearth of mature PR consultants. As a female-dominated industry, perhaps the lure of family life takes us off to pastures new before we’re even offered our bus pass? PR – and the creative industries as a whole – are also relatively new, so perhaps we don’t quite have the flow of people who have served loyally for 40-odd years. And, let’s not forget that PR has always been a professional playground for bright young things.

As a 30-year-old, I’m in no position to be flying the flag vociferously for the sixtysomethings, but I hope for my own future preservation that we’re not in an industry that’s intent on keeping it young. If we are, then the clock has officially begun ticking.