Top 50 shareable Facebook posts 2014

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It’s that time of the year again when the ‘top 50’ of every single thing known to man are getting wheeled out across TV, print and online.

I take exception to the back-to-back ‘best goals by…’ that I’m regularly subjected to, but the vast majority provide an interesting snap-shot of the year in numbers, together with the consumer habits of 2014.

One that caught my eye this morning was the ‘50 most shared Facebook posts of 2014’. As a 30-something who uses the social network site to ‘browse’ as opposed to ‘engage’, I had to scroll a significant way down the list before I even recognised any of the posts. Putting me to one side, it’s interesting to see what captured the imagination of Facebook users throughout the year.

The list was an obvious mix of movie trailers, comedy self-made videos, inspirational quotes and ‘how to’ demos – everything from getting fast abs to how to remove a stuck ring! The Crazy Minions were clearly the hit of the year, topping the poll, while appearing regularly throughout the list. So who else made up the top 10?

  1. Holiday Minions Holiday Greeting
  2. Chucky Bus Stop Prank
  3. People Being Awesome
  4. Minion Halloween Costume
  5. Why We Need Best Friends
  6. Man Cuts Open Pregnant Shark to Save Unborn Pups
  7. If You Ever Fall In Love
  8. Weird Things All Couples Fight About
  9. Different Ways to Wear a Scarf
  10. Remembering The Family Members And Friends We Have Lost.

Personally, eight and nine rather tickle my fancy, but what this list does demonstrate is the underlying qualities that make social media content shareable – making people laugh, cry, feel nauseous, or say ‘yes, that’s totally us’. Tapping into popular trends and people’s emotions certainly seemed to do the trick for this year’s top 50.

So, what’s your favourite video for 2014?