Tupperware – the original social network

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You may be forgiven for thinking that social media is a relatively new invention, spawned by college geeks and digital entrepreneurs. However, a certain maker of plastic containers is now arguing that the true origin of social networking can be found in the quaint image of 1950s domesticity.

Let’s hear it for the Tupperware party – considered to be an early form of a very modern phenomenon. According to Tupperware inc: “The word-of-mouth model of direct sales and marketing relied upon trusted relationships between women.” Now, with a global campaign to ‘coolify’ the company’s image, the 65-year-old brand has embraced the modern day equivalent of ‘home selling’ with an ambitious social media strategy.

The campaign, which goes live this week, will see the brand go back to its roots (in a digital sense) and talk directly to would-be shoppers. With a new face for the campaign in Kelly Clarkson and a message of empowerment, the company is looking to recreate the Tupperware party for 2011.

Now we’re not sure that Ms Clarkson ever dreamed of being the face of a ‘re-sealable plastic container’ (poor love), but we adore Tupperware’s vision to bring the ‘party’ to social media. Let’s hope their 50s mantra of ‘know your audience’ rings true in the digital age.