Twit T'Blue

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Although I don’t tweet what I’m having for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Twitter is (embarrassingly) the first thing I look at in the morning and last thing I check at night. Amid all of the brilliant TV broadcast during the Christmas break, I was most looking forward to ITV2’s ‘Tweet of the Year’ – which unsurprisingly went to Beyoncé’s red carpet revelation that she was pregnant in August 2011.

Twitter was once again dominated by news about Beyoncé’s baby on Sunday morning with messages welcoming the arrival of her tiny tot. Congratulatory posts from celebrities such as Rihanna and P Diddy quickly resulted in the newborn’s name becoming a worldwide trending topic within minutes. News sites quickly followed suit with media such as the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and respected gossip source TMZ, announcing the birth of ‘Ivy Blue’.

The name isn’t to everyone’s taste but I happen to like Ivy – it’s cute for a little one, yet sophisticated for when she grows up. I went ahead and gleefully announced on Facebook that the name had my blessing!

Just hours later however, I was forced to remove my status, when it came to light that Twitter had got it wrong. Beyoncé’s baby ‘Ivy Blue’ is actually named ‘Blue Ivy’.

The blunder echoes how Twitter is fast becoming the online source of all knowledge, whether you’re reading or writing the news! The social media mix-up was also a timely reminder that Twitter moves so fast that inaccurate reports can spread like wildfire. With modern day technology, at least we don’t have to wait for a printed retraction.