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When faced with the question “what do you like to read?” I can give an answer straight off the top of my head, without thinking about it too much. But. when I do think about it, I wonder how often do I actually READ the publications I profess to be such a fan of?

I’m not inferring that I never fully digest the information that’s in front of me – rather pointing out that a lot of the time I’m not reading in the traditional sense. I’ll often come into the office to find a newspaper on my desk, and have a pretty good idea about at least some of the stories it will contain. This is all thanks to a little website called ‘Twitter’. Most days, I’ll ingest a super-brief run-down of the day’s headlines before even getting out of bed (ideal!).

Working in PR means that reading the newspaper – a real, paper newspaper – is something I do on a daily basis. It’s not, however, an activity that many of my friends indulge in. Sure, they’ll leaf through a magazine, or a Sunday supplement on a lazy day off… but how many people under a certain age cite a printed newspaper as their primary source of information?

Clicking onto Twitter is easy – so easy that I find it’s a reflex reaction to boredom, combined with a security blanket for any kind of awkward situation. It’s certainly easier than buying a newspaper and (in the case of the obstinately broadsheet Telegraph), infinitely more portable. Information is presented in manageable, bite-sized chunks.

When we’re scrolling through our Twitter feeds, selecting what we’d like to read and what we’d like to ignore, what we’re really looking for is convenience. It’s no coincidence that the Mail Online, with its handy toolbar summary of a story, has over 120,000,000 monthly unique users. It makes choosing what we want to read easier.

And yet, while I’m not going to be giving up my early morning perusal of Twitter any time soon, there’s still something awfully civilised about starting the day with a freshly delivered newspaper in front of you. If you’re not a newspaper devotee, just try it – combined with a hot beverage of your choice, of course!