Ultimo drops Peaches Geldof following nude photos scandal

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Peaches Geldof

I don’t think anyone in the Peppermint PR office was particularly surprised when they read the news that Peaches Geldof had been dropped as the face of lingerie brand, Ultimo. Following the half-naked photographs of her and a former fling on the net, bosses at Ultimo decided she no longer fits the bill as ‘a positive role model that young women can aspire to’.

After an emergency meeting it was decided that every piece of Ultimo branding in shop windows, online and in department stores, featuring Peaches’ image had to be immediately removed.

Companies want the ‘face’ of their brand to represent everything they stand for, so when that person turns out to be a naughty boy or girl, it can cast the business in a negative light. Sponsorship and modelling contracts form an integral part of the brand strategy of many companies. So, careful consideration goes into selecting someone ‘just right’ to represent a brand; when it all goes wrong a company has to be just as decisive in knowing when it’s essential to let them go.

However, they do say ‘all publicity is good publicity’ – Peaches’ Ultimo modelling shots have featured in almost every tabloid newspaper and gossip blogs since the news broke.

Rock offspring Peaches is not the first celebrity to be dropped due to her bad-girl ways. Back in 2005, Kate Moss was plastered across the tabloids when photographic evidence of her cocaine habit emerged. She was dropped by Burberry, Chanel and H&M following the scandal, but went on to make millions off the back of the controversy.

Celebrities – as we have all seen countless times before – are the masters of bouncing back. Who had really heard of Paris Hilton before that infamous sex tape propelled her to megastardom? Let’s not forget everyone’s favourite Geordie lass, Cheryl Cole, who went from being convicted of assaulting a nightclub toilet attendant to achieving national treasure status as a judge on the country’s biggest TV show, the X-Factor.

21-year-old Peaches is reportedly ‘devastated’ to have lost the lucrative £100,000 a year contract, but who knows where she’ll go from here? Perhaps, like Paris Hilton, Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole before her, she can use this to her advantage? I wonder how many companies will be queuing up to take her on?