Was the promised ‘Barbecue summer’ just PR puffery?

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Our two week holiday in Devon is looming, and we’ve been poring over weather forecasts with growing alarm.

Listening to Radio 4 this morning, any remaining hope of sunny days making sandcastles well and truly evaporated.  My brain was too fuddled from a night calming a wailing child to make sense of the percentages and probabilities that the bloke from the Met Office was spouting.  But the crux was this: the ‘Barbecue summer’ tag had, apparently, been hatched by an over-enthusiastic press office which coined the phrase ‘to help journalists’ headlines’. The term was duly latched onto by the media, to be lapped up by all us grateful staycationers.  It seems that this pithy little prediction was vastly over-simplified and that it over-stated the actual likelihood of us getting some decent weather.  Oh cursed false hope!

So, with growing resignation, I’m swopping the kids’ t-shirts and shorts for fleeces and waterproofs whilst googling ‘things to do in Devon to occupy 3 kids when it’s weeing it down’.   Being a glass half full sort of gal I’m looking for positive angles to all this. So far, I’ve come up with the following: no need to attempt to construct complicated irrigation system for my tomatoes; no need to squeeze in and fork out for leg wax; and, er…….. .

Well, I’m still working on more reasons to revel in the drizzle. Can anyone help?