Ways to effectively measure your PR ROI

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“So what is the ROI for the PR activity that you’re proposing?”

This is the inevitable question many of us have had to face at the end of pitches and during business meetings.

But, it’s something that has the right to be asked. Business owners want and need to see value from the marketing approaches in which they choose to invest, whether that’s wacky stunts, strategic social media usage or intriguing advertising.

And do you know what? There is no need to dread the question. Many moons ago, it may have been difficult to measure the exact return on investment of PR activity. However, those days are over. Now, we are in the heyday of effective PR measurement, with tools and tactics galore to help you get a bigger slice of the marketing pie, from which you may have previously been shunned.

So that you can really knock the socks off your boss or client when communicating the value of your PR activity, take a glance at our infographic below to find out how you should be measuring your work:


With so much data available at our fingertips, if you’re willing to put in the graft and find the right things to measure for your campaigns, measuring your ROI can suddenly become a whole lot simpler.

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