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We were recently invited to be part of the judging panel at Prevent Breast Cancer’s annual presentation evening with The University of Bolton, alongside other agency experts and members of the Prevent Breast Cancer team.

Every year, the charity invites the students of Bolton University to present a marketing and design proposal as part of their studies. This year students had the chance to pick between two campaign briefs, a screening reminder brief and a diet and lifestyle brief.

It’s interesting to see how different people interpret and approach a brief. Are students more creative as they don’t suffer from professional tunnel vision, like those hardened to the world of marketing and PR? It was time to find out.

Targeting an audience of 47 year old+ females, and their families, can also be a challenge. Is Generation X now as social media savvy as the younger generations and what media do they consume?

As it does every year, the presentation evening produced some thought provoking creative campaigns and some ideas which can be incorporated into future plans for our work with the only charity entirely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer.

The presentations were scored on their messaging, imagery and impact, amongst other criteria, and then with whittled down to a top three. Those which stood out included guerrilla marketing tactics, targeting unsuspecting shoppers with a series of bright stickers and subliminal adverts around the supermarkets they shop in. 

A campaign which framed radiologists as superheroes for the heroic work that they do to screen patients also made our top three – especially since there is such a chronic radiologist shortage in the UK.

A final highlight of the evening was a ‘bad dates’ campaign which sought to make screening dates ones not to be missed. This involved putting user generated content at the heart of the social media campaign, and encouraging those who need to be screened to share their previous bad dates, which could produce some potentially hilarious results.

A fresh take on a creative brief and including people from different backgrounds and different digital, design, marketing and public relations disciplines means that no two creative outcomes are ever the same. That’s why we involve our whole company when brainstorming ideas for new and existing clients, to make sure we create something which will meet the brief and appeal to the intended audience.

We can’t wait to see even more creativity at next year’s presentation evening!

It you have a creative brief you would like us to tackle, then contact us – we’ll need to know who you are, what your marketing or design needs are and what you would like to accomplish.