What will the PR Agency of the future be like?

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Without quick and successful adaptation, the traditional PR agency that existed in the 20th Century will struggle to survive much longer; that’s our first – and rather bold – prediction for the future of public relations.

Why won’t it survive? Well, since Edward Bernays – the nephew of Sigmund Freud, considered to be the father of public relations – made his name as a visionary in the 1920s and created the principals that PR follows, the world has moved on.

Bernays created the first PR department using his three elements – informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people. While these elements remain relevant in public relations, plenty of social and technological developments – like the world economy crashing and advancements in technology – have changed everything.

They have provided challenges that agencies must meet if they are to acclimatise and it’s simply no good for them to simply keep up with the status quo. So, on that note, here are our predictions for the future of the PR agency:

Everyone will be a publisher

The Internet has provided the world with the power to self-publish and gives any writer with an opinion the opportunity to express themselves via a blog or on social media

This trend is already extremely prevalent in marketing and has caused the lines to blur. However, in the future, PR, content marketing and social media will be under the control of PR agencies. This will result in newsrooms getting smaller, whilst the influence of content creators will grow.

Traditional media will disappear

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised communications. We’re wondering: will there be a new piece of tech in the future that renders what we use at the moment useless? Who’s to say?

Some believe that printed media may be nearing extinction, but is this trend set to continue? The tools public relations professionals use will, of course, continue to change, although it’s the strong delivery of the message that will remain the most important factor.

The rise of multi-faceted professionals

This not only applies to PR professionals but also to agencies, whose staff will have multi-faceted skill sets that allow them to work across various digital disciplines. The PR businesses that are not able to offer their clients the perfect solutions across digital marketing, social media and PR will fall behind.

Data will be central to everything

The best agencies will be holistic; successfully combining thoughtful and effective strategies with the data they’ve collected to achieve the biggest impact for their clients.

PR agencies are still learning about data and many are unsure of the most productive way to utilise it. The most successful agencies will use this wealth of data and fine-tune it to get the best coverage.

Where do you see PR agencies in the future?

If you are a professional in the whirlwind world of public relations, think about your predictions for the future of PR and let us know in the comments below, then follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news from Peppermint HQ.