When a Peppermint met Peter

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‘It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it’ is the phrase I’m looking for. I think…

When I found out I’d be chaperoning Peter Andre at the Girls’ Day Out launch, I was pretty excited. Come on, anyone who was a teenager in the 90s can’t deny bopping along to Mysterious Girl at least once!

Meeting celebrities can go one of two ways. They’re either exactly as you imagine them to be, or they’re not. Thankfully, Peter falls into the former category. What you see, is what you get. He greeted his fans with enthusiasm and couldn’t help telling cheesy Dad jokes, which quickly put even the most nervous of admirers at ease.

However, it was when he met the media that I was most impressed. Sitting in a room for over an hour, listening to him being asked the same questions five times over, and hearing him responding professionally, cheerfully and playfully assured me that ‘Pete’ was no diva. He performed impeccably. From the client’s perspective he was bang-on message and to the media he was interesting, informative and what’s more –flirty. The man can’t help himself.

Peter Andre is a true professional and excellent at what he does. He might not be headed for another chart topper any time soon (although he told me he’s eyeing up the number one spot), but he’s a real crowd pleaser and a true entertainer.