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Despite being an avid fan of hitting the phones and tweeting, I love nothing more than meeting journalists face-to-face to discuss my clients’ latest campaigns. So, when I was invited to have breakfast with Happy Wallop – the consumer editor at the Daily Telegraph – I jumped at the chance.

On this occasion, I was joined by around 200 other consultants, but that’s not the point…

Rather, the point is that I got to hear his latest insights into what floats his boat, and also what gets his goat, so to speak! In regards to the former, Harry waxed lyrical about us being a middleclass nation – despite what perceptions we may have of ourselves – and shared witty anecdotes to back this up. All this, he said, started off the back of a Mintel report he read that revealed sales of olives had overtaken peanuts!

He came across as being fascinated by brands and the clever tricks they – and their PR agencies – employ to target this mass audience. On confessing that he wished there were more PRs to help him in his crusade for knowledge, Harry also admitted that brand power was more effective than ever today, as consumers scramble to take a bite out of the middleclass apple – a Waitrose apple, ideally.

This cemented in my mind just how vital it is for us to continue working side-by-side with all our clients to get their messaging bang on from the word go. It also showed how imperative it is for PRs to continually strive to stand out from the crowd – something we pride ourselves on at Peppermint.

As well as being an award-winning broadsheet journalist, Harry also chatted freely about his roles as the host of Channel 4’s ‘SuperScrimpers’, and most recently, an author. His first book – ‘Consumed’ – delves into our contemporary class-related associations with food, drink, holidays and entertainment.  It’s all very useful for a wide variety of our clients, who we advise across the marketing spectrum.

It was a fascinating insight into Harry’s world, and I’m sure it won’t be long until our paths cross again.