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Peppermint is recruiting…and, while we’ve been approached by a number of great account execs, we’ve been struck by the dearth of high calibre account managers. Now, we’ve heard from industry insiders that this is a commonly encountered problem for PR agencies across the region.

Some will say that this issue has arisen due to the recession. As account executive recruitment was put on hold, the promotion of account managers to account directors has created a gap in the middle tier of PR professionals. Whatever the reason for the vacuum, I do feel we’re in danger of facing a mini-crisis in PR. Having a glut of under-experienced account executives who aren’t receiving sufficient training and benefiting from close relationships with their account managers  could bring about a disastrous education gap within the sector.

So, what’s the solution?  A tricky question to answer. At Peppermint, we train our junior staff on the job and strive to foster exceptional young account executives. However, there’s no substitute for the experience that comes with age. Our challenge is finding those account managers who are ready to move to their next position, particularly those weighing up their future at a top heavy agency, where promotions are difficult to come by.

So, if you’re a senior account executive or junior manager who’s looking for the next step in your career, then drop me a line and come and have a chat.  What have you got to lose?