Why are so many wanna-be PRs called Kirsty?

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Sorting through stacks of CVs from graduates this morning, I experienced a Groundhog Day moment. It was the spooky familiarity of the names at the top of the CVs that did it. You see, there was an astonishingly high preponderance of Kirstys there. Not to mention a disproportionate number of Sophies, Amys and Emmas.  It’s got so confusing that the team is having to distinguish those hopeful interviewees as ‘the Kirsty with the short blond bob’ or ‘the Amy with the longer blond bob’.

What, I asked myself, does this mean?  Are the Kirstys of this world pre-destined from birth to be sparky, communicative individuals who suit PR as a career?  Do all Amys have a good eye for the English language?

PR is often accused of being an overwhelmingly white, middle-class, female-biased industry – and judging by the names in my in-box, this holds true and shows no sign of changing in the coming years.

Is anyone else out there finding that they’re being overrun with the ubiquitous Kirsty?