Will I heel be wearing flats at work!!!

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louboutin-goldWhilst slipping into my standard 3½ inch heels this morning, I heard a news item that gripped me with fear and nearly made me choke on my toast.

Last night at a TUC conference in Liverpool, Union bosses backed a motion that branded high heels sexist and a health hazard, calling for a ban in the workplace.

The fact that it was in Liverpool was just as shocking as the news itself. I had instant visions of Liverpool’s finest femme fatales Alex Curran and Coleen Rooney running through the streets of their home town, waving their 6-inch Louboutins furiously in protest!

The thought of those two plodding around in flats is as ridiculous to me as the thought of me doing it. As someone who last wore pumps in gym class at primary school my thoughts are quite simply…FORGET IT!

There is no chance that I would ever leave the house without a pair of heels on…unless I was going to the beach.

The size of my heel completely affects the way I feel and therefore act. I feel more feminine, confident, glamorous and most importantly professional when sporting a killer inch. I feel at my best – and that’s what I want to be in the workplace.

With this in mind I am putting my foot firmly down and guarantee that you won’t catch me clomping into Peppermint PR’s offices in flats. I’ll be the one tripping through the door in 4 inchers feeling fabulous!