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Andy Murray may just have walked off Court One, following his three set triumph over Marin Cilic, but all eyes are still well and truly on Rufus the hawk. Wimbledon’s resident ‘pigeon-frightener,’ who also wards off the rats with feathers at Westminster Abbey and in Belgravia, is clearly in demand after famously being stolen last week.

Thanks to a Twitter campaign for his safe return, he’s showed up for work again this morning – and the crowds are already excited about catching a glimpse of him on patrol, once the final shout of game, set and match is called tonight.

Not only has he been nicknamed Wimbledon’s ‘biggest diva’ by the Daily Telegraph, but the four-year-old bird has racked up a raft of column inches worldwide, been talked about on radio programmes all over the country, and notched up a stream of tweets all welcoming him back, with tales of sightings at the All England Tennis Club.

Demonstrating the British love of all creatures great and small, perhaps Murray mound might even be renamed Rufus rump if his popularity continues to ‘beak’? Ah hem, I mean peak.