Woman describes abortion in graphic detail – is this taking things a tweet too far?

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A story that split opinion in the Peppermint office today was that of  Angie Jackson, a 27-year-old  American woman who made the decision to post the details of her abortion in a bid to ‘demystify’ the topic for other women.  I admit, my initial reaction was ‘how awful!’ and that Angie Jackson had taken things a step too far.

However, you can also argue that the whole point of Twitter is that it provides a way for people to express themselves without restrictions.  It’s possible that Angie Jackson’s tweets may have helped a confused young woman in making the difficult decision of whether or not to keep a baby, or perhaps the information she provided may make teenage girls think twice before having unprotected sex? The graphic tweets shocked many into vocally expressing their outrage, which led me to wonder, how many women were quietly thankful for this subject finally being brought to light, albeit by just another of Twitter’s millions of users?

Angie Jackson, who goes under the Twitter name ‘antitheist angie’, is providing millions of women with candid, first hand information on a subject that isn’t freely available anywhere else. The number of users ‘following’ Miss Jackson has more than doubled since she began posting her progress, showing that people are in fact interested in reading the details of the termination.  It may not be ‘comfortable’ reading, but can these tweets really be deemed wrong, or unacceptable?

The internet has always been a place where freedom of speech is championed and censorship is near impossible. However, many might argue that Angie, who says “I have people calling me a killer”, has broken unwritten social networking boundaries. If it becomes acceptable to tweet about a subject as serious and controversial as abortion, what comes next?