A farewell to PR

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PR, it’s time you and I had a little chat. You see, I’m leaving.

You feel let down. I get that. After all, we’ve been through a lot together these past 22 years.

The beginning was a bit rocky, of course. Do you remember my first client meeting, when I devoted my complete attention to an enormous doodle? Then I was summoned out to “help with the drinks”, got a right rollocking from the boss and was banished from the meeting?

Once I’d got the hang of it, though, it was brilliant. Really, I’ve had a blast.

But it’s not exactly been without its stresses, has it? Would you believe that, pre-career, I used to be the easy-going type? That I didn’t self-combust if I saw an apostrophe out of place? Let’s be honest: I doubt there are many people out there who nurse fond recollections of me proofing their work.

Oh PR, don’t be sad. You taught me loads and I’ll always be grateful. But the fact is there’s, um, someone else. I guess you want to know who I’m leaving you for?  Well, I’ve qualified as… a holistic health coach!

And what the hell is one of those, I hear you say?  Check it out for yourself: www.peppermintwellness.co.uk.

Come on, PR. If you’re really honest, you must have seen the signs. I mean, surely you clocked something was going on when I put a massage bed in the office and did candle-lit reiki treatments there? And what did you make of the rose quartz crystals round the meeting room? Or my energy cleansing the building with a Tibetan singing bowl?

No, for all our sakes, I think it’s best I quit now – before I “go the whole Lynne Franks” and force the team to do daily group chanting.

And so, my dear PR, it’s time we said goodbye.

Best of luck and all that. Keep in touch.

Big hug.

Bye. x