A new beginning

A new beginning

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Today, we welcome our new name and our new identity: Peppermint Soda.

Why a fizzy drink? Because it’s the name that best sums up a team of people who radiate so much energy and enthusiasm that… well, yes, they fizz. A team who are so infectiously upbeat and effervescent that clients regularly enquire what we put in our water. It’s a team that blows me away every week of every month.

Peppermint PR is a flag we’ve all been proud to fly over the past nine years or so.  We’ve carried it ever since we were tiny; and then a bit bigger; and then bigger still.  But now it’s time to leave it behind for a name that mirrors what we are today: a fully integrated marketing communications agency.  A place in which designers, creative directors and web developers work hand in glove with PR consultants and production managers.

This bustling, teaming  hub of ours is a world away from Peppermint’s early, and rather humble, beginnings. And, as we raise a glass of bubbly to our future as Peppermint Soda, I’ve a sneaking feeling that the best is yet to come…