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England’s miserable World Cup campaign will end with a whimper today against Costa Rica.

However, before the lads have even set foot on the pitch, brands and media alike are prepping for an equally bad finale.

ITV is braced for its worst viewer ratings for a match featuring the national team at the finals – fewer than 10 million are now expected to tune in for the 5pm final group game kick-off in Belo Horizonte.

Echoing this, retailers are already slashing the prices of Brazil memorabilia, while pubs will only be half as full as predicted.

The British Beer and Pub Association estimates the boost for pubs will be down by up to 60 per cent. This could give landlords additional revenue of £15 million, as opposed to the £40 million which had been expected.

At Peppermint, we know the potential pulling power the World Cup has when it comes to consumer spend.

Our immaculately timed delivery of a Sound Asleep pillow to Wayne Rooney saw sales of the item sky-rocket, after he boarded the plane to South Africa holding one, ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

50,000 units were sold in just nine days as a result of the exposure, leading to the pillows being stocked in store at Tesco and Argos.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like many brands are going to be able to maximise on the quadrennial opportunity like we did four years ago.

Supermarkets have already cut prices on merchandise, with Sainsbury’s taking up to 70 per cent off souvenir mugs, flags, tumblers and teddies.

I guess the motto of this story is you need to be on the ball if you want your client to score during the World Cup. Before you know it it could be all over. It is now!