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Well, the Christmas sell-in slog has finally come to an end for another year. For the Peppermint consumer team, our lives have pretty much been baubles, stocking fillers and wrapping paper since July.

Now we’re really starting to reap the benefits of all our forward planning, hours of journalist liaison and blogger engagement, with Christmas coverage galore flooding our inboxes each morning.

This year, we’ve spotted that a new round-up has joined the usual product placement gift guides for 2013. Among the ranks of ‘for him’, ‘for her’ and ‘under a tenner’, lies the ‘social media fanatic’s gift guide’.

As someone who is pretty much glued to their phone (so much so that I already have genuine concerns about the impact this will have on my thumbs in later life) these specific gift guides have truly captured my attention.

From jewellery to interiors, and everything in between, here are our top five gifts for the social media savvy:

1. The Twitter handle necklace

Offering an update on the must-have accessory made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, in Sex and the City, this bespoke Twitter handle necklace is going to be on every female Tw-addict’s festive wish list.

twitter necklace

2. The Instagram phone cozy

Turn your phone into the ultimate camera, with an Instagram Phone Cozy. Ideal for those who love crafting, you can purchase the pattern for just £2.20 and make it at home during the long winter nights. #Amazeballs


3. The Facebook cushion

If you can’t bear to disconnect from the social network while you’re snuggled up on the sofa, then you can get your fix with this Facebook cushion. Made from fleece, it’ll calm your nerves when you’re not online…at least for a few minutes!

facebook pillow

4. The Social Media coasters

With these coasters you can enjoy a cuppa (or beer) and be reminded of your favourite platforms – ideal for any SoMe geek, like myself.

social media coasters

5. The Selfie Tee

After officially entering the OED in November 2013, ‘selfie’ has definitely been this year’s social media buzzword. If you’ve been #nice this year, Santa is sure to leave one under the tree for you on Christmas day.

selfie t shirt