Here come the boys

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It’s rare I watch adverts nowadays. On Demand services and digital TV mean that, unless it’s in the news – which only happens if it’s gone viral – the likelihood is, I won’t see it.

That being said, something did grab my eye last night as I was catching up on a bit of telly. L’Oreal has launched a skin and stubble moisturising gel as part of its Men Expert Hydra Energetic range.

The innovation here is the inclusion of the brand’s ‘skin and stubble smart technology’ – it’s that part that interested me. Not the innovation, (though kudos to whoever came up with that one, and I would wager it was a marketeer first, dermatologist later), but the launch of a product that reflects a definitive shift in the way men’s faces are seen and accepted in the workplace – bearded.

Ever since Paxman came back off his holidays sporting a beard, the press has been obsessed with the length of a man’s facial hair. It’s a trend that’s sparked debate, countless pictorials on the Mail Online and Buzzfeed and even seen a rise in beard transplants!

Whatever your thoughts, facial hair has well and truly infiltrated the workplace and not just the creative industries – smart stubble and tapered tashes are popping up in all walks of life.

What’s exciting to see is that the men’s cosmetic industry is really catching up to the women’s in terms of relevant innovation. ‘Guyliner’ and ‘Manscara’ are a nice idea, but how many men really use them? This is practical, this will sell.

As I stood in the gym changing rooms this morning watching my fellow men get suited and booted, I raised a smile looking at the amount of blokes dabbing on eye cream, gelling their hair and slapping on moisturiser.

Men’s grooming has proven itself to not only be recession proof, but very much here to stay.

So look out ladies, here come the boys. We’re worth it too.