Designers and wedding invites – a match made in heaven?

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Championing the word bespoke; re-inventing what’s meant by branding; pushing printers to the limits with finishing touches – wedding invitations mean serious business. Gone are the days of buying pre-printed invites with a dotted line to write your guests’ names on. Today’s invites are personally crafted, exquisitely designed and gift wrapped with more style than a designer handbag from Harrods. You may have thought the wedding day was the stressful bit… well, think again, it’s all about the invitations.

Only the brave take on this kind of project and, for some unknown reason, I’m currently braving my fourth wedding project (all for friends, you understand…I’m not on my fourth marriage!). The pressure is on to step up to the plate, particularly now the Fresh Awards has introduced a category especially for these design gems. Why do I keep doing them? Because they can be a designer’s dream that offers so much potential to create something visually stunning. It’s hard to resist such a brief.

Take a look at this year’s entries for the Fresh Awards – I still can’t believe there’s a category for these.

It’s all about award-winning wedding invitations these days… no pressure then!