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Earlier today, after a colleague transferred a call to my phone, I was greeted by a very excited client on the line singing along to the Fraggle Rock theme tune.

“Love the new hold music,” he laughed. “That is just so Peppermint!”

Happy in the knowledge that just a few seconds on hold had brought a smile to his face, I began to think about the efforts that go into making a business stand out and all the different ways you can make this happen.

Wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, each and every day we’re surrounded by brands. Be it products, advertisements, theme tunes or even the taste of your favourite morning coffee – each of our five senses is awash with impressions that have been devised in great detail by professionals worldwide. Eventually, a relationship with a brand can become so embedded within us that it forms part of our day-to-day routine and we forget we’re being subjected to promotion (morning Starbucks, anyone?) – a marketer’s mission accomplished.

It’s most likely that your company doesn’t have access to the kind of marketing spend available to big players like Starbucks, McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, but with the rise in cheaper advertising, SEO and free social media platforms, that’s no longer an excuse.

Without a well thought-out brand, it’s nigh on impossible to develop the personality required to catch the eye of prospects, secure them as advocates and eventually have them hooked on a service or product you offer.

Here at Peppermint, every aspect of the agency’s cheeky personality has been carefully considered. From the obvious, such as logos and website, to the slightly more obscure minty room fragrances, hand wash and, most recently, hold music.

We’re fun, quirky and think outside of the box – qualities that our previous hold music failed to portray. We’ve recently introduced classic cartoon themes – a decision that’s received rave reviews. By trading Greensleeves for Gummi Bears, we’ve discovered that journos love The Jetsons and clients enjoy tapping their toes to Top Cat.  We like to make everyone who encounters us smile and a quick sing-a-long to Stop the Pigeon certainly seems to be doing the job.

Just because you’re not talking to someone, doesn’t mean you’re not communicating with them. Take every opportunity to flaunt your business’ individuality and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Want to talk branding (or listen to our hold music)? Give us a call!


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