Earning your PR stripes… in a giant koala suit

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I feel a mixture of pride and nervousness this morning, as I bid adieu to some of Peppermint’s rising stars.

Off they go into the big wide world on media visits to promote our latest social media campaign.

Nothing too out of the ordinary there, except for the fact that one of the lucky ‘mints will be dressed as a giant koala!

Though that might sound odd to some, in the world of media relations it’s actually pretty standard. I myself have been seen hoarding sweetener from a coffee shop dressed as Spiderman, all in the name of PR.

Ask my colleagues some of the more peculiar things they’ve done for a client and you’ll get answers ranging from eating cat food, featuring in a Michael Jackson tribute act, to taking part in The World Tent Pitching Championships!

These things pop up from time-to-time – often through our own invention, sometimes due to a client request. It’s all part of earning your PR stripes.

So good luck young Peppermints on your travels today – I know you’ll do us proud. And to those PRs reading this, tells us what weird and wonderful things you’ve had to do to land a story, or raise brand awareness – we’d love to hear from you!