Feel the love

Feel the love

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Today the topic, is love. It appears it’s not just couples exchanging feelings – brands have feelings too and seem to love the word love.

Some of the brands below are great examples of why love works in the branding world. For me, I like the independent companies sharing the love – as the people behind the products, I imagine, do love what they are offering. They put a lot of care and attention into what they create and, as a consumer, that does mean something.

Personally, I don’t like McDonald’s saying ‘I’m lovin’ it’ or The Co-operative implying it’s ‘Loved by us’. It’s a big word to use and if not said in the right context it’s meaningless. Does everyone at the Co-operative really love shortbread? That’s a lot of people. You really shouldn’t use the ‘L’ word unless you really mean it. I can hand on heart say I do love Barrow (someone has to).


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