Please design responsively!

Please design responsively!

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For all those who have been attempting dry January – well done, the finish line is in sight. As a reward for your valiant efforts I present you with this visual delight for all the beer drinkers out there. Acorn Brewery, based in Barnsley, showcases a range of Yorkshire ales and brews from further afield and carries a strong sense of tradition and ‘properness’ to it. The site has a great balance of brand messaging, styled chalkboard typography, product imagery, clever iconography and, most importantly, is responsive. This site has it all!

For me, I love to see beautifully crafted typography injected into digital platforms. It blends the old with the new and can be a breath of fresh air against all the hyper real imagery out there. The little touches of pint glasses filling up with beer to show a page loading make me smile. This site has pure charm. It’s not cluttered with unnecessary information – it’s just about the beer.

I’ve not just chosen this website purely due to its looks – it’s a great example of a responsive site. It’s fluid (no pun intended) and has the ability to adapt, to accommodate any device. Give it a try on your mobile. The key messages work within all platforms without compromising the design. The brand has consistency with a clear user journey. All in all, responsive websites can be a challenge, but a rewarding one. Just like selecting which ale to try first… ‘pint of Blonde for me please.