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What’s the ultimate toy for brands and businesses who want to check out their audience profile? Social media’s helpful, of course: Kantar data gives a good overview of buying habits. But it’s YouGov that has become the darling of the moment with its newly launched Profiler tool.

This tool allows you to see, at the click of a button, an in-depth audience profile of pretty much any business, brand, celebrity, hobby or media outlet. The information is collated from the data of thousands of people who’ve taken part in the profiler to date.

Twitter was awash with brands, personalities and media sharing their own audience profile – and mocking the profiles of others. News that Nicole Kidman fans are typically elderly Welshmen was a particularly well shared nugget of information. Everyone from DJ Lauren Laverne to The Guardian’s news team was busy finding and sharing their audience profile.

Of particular interest to me are the media profiles. The Guardian has put together this helpful summary of the readers of each of the national daily papers, which is well worth a read. It doesn’t overturn any preconceptions about who the average Financial Times reader might be, for example. Rather, it simply confirms what we already thought we know – but that is just as valuable. For any brand, considering their audience as a real person with interests and hobbies outside of their brand interaction is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring that they are spoken to in the right way.

There aren’t many surprises in there when it comes to media, with the exception of the relatively small sample sizes for online giants such as BuzzFeed. Only 54 people said they were BuzzFeed users and only 817 said they were Mail Online fans. The numbers don’t stack up when you consider each site’s astronomical unique user figures, which casts a small shadow over the Profiler tool. Such a small sample, especially when compared to the actual user figures, should be treated with caution.

However, I predict that this tool will only become more useful as increasing numbers of people get involved. From a PR and marketing point of view, it provides invaluable insight into brand fans’ loyalties and likes – something which should always be worth its weight in gold.

Joanna Drake