Stop. Collaborate and listen to this.

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As brands market themselves more and more on a digital platform, we creative folk have to think harder about how to captivate target audiences. Right now, brands and agencies are collaborating and it’s creating some interesting stuff. It goes without saying that marketing these days comes with three questions. Is it sharable? Is it engaging? Does it need a hashtag? Some of the recent collaborations we’ve discovered are answering YES to all of the above. It’s time to think differently and utilise social networking for your brand’s benefit. Here’s a case in point.

Fred Aldous’ current Make Anything campaign has opened up its window display for North West creatives to flex their craft skills. Robert Lomas from Design By Day has created a paper scene of Manchester characters that frequent Stevenson Square, making the window look blooming lovely. This campaign has so many benefits: not only as great self-promotion for Fred Aldous but also its willingness to celebrate the talent in Manchester. Fred Aldous taps into its target audience brilliantly, giving creatives a great brief and a blank canvas to express themselves freely. Everyone’s winning, especially when you throw in the fact that they’ve opened this up to anyone to get involved with via Twitter. This campaign has brand engagement written all over it: see how it evolves at #makeanything.


Meanwhile in London, Exterion Media is running a similar campaign where creatives are challenged to submit bus advertising designs. This opportunity is open to any agency in the UK and is a big deal – a chance to win a national or regional advertising slot for free! This is too good an opportunity for agencies and their brands to miss. The objective of this campaign is to remind brands that bus advertising is one of the most effective ways of gaining the attention of 5.2 billion people (according to Exterion Media). The Big Bus Challenge offers free advertising for two winning brands, new business leads and opportunities for Exterion Media to increase its client base – collaboration is a beautiful thing. Watch this space for the winners – at #bigbuschallenge.


So, if you’re thinking about promoting your brand, have a think who you could buddy up with. It’s so much more engaging.