The Freshest Peppermint

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Hi; my name’s Jake and I am Peppermint’s freshest recruit – a Digital Marketing Apprentice. I’ll admit, it was a real struggle surfing the Government website in the hope that an apprenticeship – to replace A-levels – would catch my eye and pull me into the real world of work. However, I pulled my sleeves up and followed what I believed was the right choice.


Deciding so early on in my life that university wasn’t the path for me (I’m 16 by the way) was both scary and exciting. The safety net of school had been pulled away, so I had to throw it aside and find my way alone. After months and months of lacklustre nights researching potential vacancies, it shined on me like bright headlights through the fog on a frosty morn – Peppermint Soda; the name piqued my interest.


Eagerly, I read the job description with the prospect of doing my hobby as a job: the perfect opportunity. It immediately sunk in that this was ‘the one’. The first interview was held in early July, which was followed by a second almost a month later. Thankfully, after hard work and preparation, both interviews went without a hitch.


Meeting Jane, Ben, Joanna and Emma exceeded my expectations of the successfully bubbly vibe that Peppermint Soda is known for. During a quick tour around the office, I got a preview into my life working at Peppermint Soda and spent a brief moment with the people I now see daily.


I had the job two hours after the second interview – my enthusiasm must have rubbed off! I gladly accepted, thinking ahead to working at Peppermint Soda and bringing my social media expertise to the table.


My first week at Peppermint Soda was spent in training; this gave me time adapt to work hours, brain strain and shorter breaks than I was used to. Training helped me prepare for work, without having deadlines and heavy workloads. Several weeks later, I have completed my first blog, doubled my workload and have settled in comfortably. I work closely with my manager to complete tasks needed for Peppermint Soda’s Twitter account, along with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy team to lend a hand there. On my first day at Peppermint Soda, they surprised me with a trip to Pizza Hut for lunch – let’s call it a meeting, for business reasons – to celebrate the fact that I had become the freshest Peppermint!


It’s safe to say I have no regrets about surfing the Government website rather than following the crowd and studying A-levels!


If you would like to become the next Peppermint, visit our jobs page, Email [email protected] or call 01619414252.