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After reading figures from Campaign to End Child Poverty in the Manchester Evening News, revealing half of children in some parts of Manchester live in poverty, the Peppermints decided to root around in their kitchen cupboards and donate a parcel to our local foodbank.

Having regular food, drink and a cupboard stocked with supplies are things that most of us take for granted.  It’s upsetting to think that there are families right here on our doorstep living without any of those things. The MEN reported that, on average in the UK, 15 per cent of children are classified as living below the poverty line. Across Greater Manchester, the numbers reached 51 per cent – a shocking figure.

The Trussell Trust has called out nationwide for supplies of everyday essentials, such as soups and tinned vegetables. With winter closing in, a hot meal offers not only warmth and nutrition, but a boost to the spirits.

The Trust partners with churches and communities to open new foodbanks across the country, with a mission to develop, run and enable communities to replicate sustainable projects that combat poverty and exclusion, whilst raising awareness of the issues involved.

Our local Timperley-based bank is a truly inspirational place, based just a stone’s throw from Altrincham where so many of the Peppermints while away their weekends – eating, drinking and being merry! At times like this, it’s hard to imagine the hardship faced by those in our local community going hungry.

The Trust is a charity that everybody can give a helping hand to. That dusty tin of soup at the back of the cupboard could make a big difference and is bound to be snapped up by a needy member of the community.

So, why not give it a go and give local people living below the poverty line a hot meal? If possible, you could even lend some time to help at the centre and offer an extra pair of hands throughout winter.

You can find your local foodbank here.

You can read more about the Peppermints’ charity work here.