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You’ve spent hours drafting up a week’s worth of witty social media content for a business. You’re convinced it’s going to engage current followers, attract new ones and position the company as a thought leader in its respective field. But is anyone actually reading it?

Until this week, you could only guess based on the number of retweets or favourites a post received. This may have been working well up until now, in terms of identifying the style of posts that go unnoticed and those that get shared. However, retweets gained from friends and colleagues that you’ve bribed with biscuits aren’t the best test of social media success (we’ve all done it!)

Previously, analytics were only available to Twitter advertisers who paid for the privilege but a tool has been launched for the masses. As long as your Twitter profile has been active for two weeks, you’re now privy to a whole host of information and statistics.

The brand spanking new solution allows users to monitor exactly how many people viewed and engaged with each tweet, along with a demographic breakdown of followers, including gender, location, the interests they share and more. You can even see how many users have clicked on your profile for a nosey – joy!

This is great news for businesses and PR professionals. We’ll be able to tailor content to audiences in a much more comprehensive way. Monitoring engagement levels will allow us to create a tone of voice for brands that we know will suit our followers and we’ll be able to create content that is more likely to catch the eye of prospects.

The ability to group selected tweets into chronological order is also a godsend – allowing users to retrospectively audit activity and provide reports comparing results.

My excitement comes with one warning – if you’re a sucker for statistics like me, once you tot, you just can’t stop!

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