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According to my most recent phone bill (and tremendously exceeded mobile data limit) my favourite iPhone apps – such as Whatsapp and Instagram – are being seriously overused. Now, they have another thing in common – they’re all owned by social media giant, Facebook.

If Instagram’s post-acquisition increase of 30 million users is anything to go by, then everything Mark Zuckerberg touches turns to gold. All the more reason for his latest creation, Slingshot, to capture my attention.

The new app’s main competitor, Snapchat – which Facebook once tried to buy for a cool $3 billion – boasts an estimated 40 million users, who share more than 700 million photos per day. Despite this, when the firm’s offer was declined, Facebook set out to conquer the market by creating its own photo sharing app.

Like Snapchat, the ephemeral photo messaging service allows users to instantly share images and videos with their contacts, but there’s a catch – in order to open a photo sent by a friend, you have to send one of your own. Fair’s fair.

There’s an option to add text, or doodle over pictures and – as you would expect – the app syncs with your Facebook contacts, allowing for fun with your friends at the touch of a button.

As we’re yet to find out how many downloads the app has had, it’s difficult to tell whether Slingshot will manage to catapult itself into the App Store charts and eclipse Snapchat into the realm of technological obscurity.

However, I’ve added the app to my social media portfolio and judging from its sleek design, cute functions and creative mastermind – next month’s phone bill isn’t going to be much better!