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Be an online star with Digital PR

36 million of us access the internet every day, and 55 per cent of us use it to find and read news content. There’s no denying it, digital is an essential part of the PR magic mix these days.

So how can a digital PR agency help you get noticed?

Just like traditional PR, it starts with our nose for a great story or angle. Understanding the type of content websites will want to publish and readers will want to read has a certain knack to it – fortunately Peppermint is home to many seasoned journalists and editors, so we’ve got it nailed. Next, we use our network of contacts to get that story seen on the most relevant websites for your brand, whether that’s a big name news hub, a niche trade site or popular lifestyle blog.

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Managing your online reputation

And it doesn’t stop there. Our social media management skills certainly come in handy when we’re promoting your story or trying to encourage a conversation around it. It’s all about the ripple effect, helping your news and your name go that little bit further and telling the story in your own words.

Digital PR can also help if you’re experiencing a bit of a wobble or crisis. Online reputation management means making sure your social interactions are dealt with properly, criticism is responded to, and good news is reported too, all of which can limit any damage and help you weather the storm.

Reaping the rewards

The end result? People talk about you, know your name, and come to your website. So while you’re at it, you might want to think about your web design and conversion rate, to really capitalise on those clicks. Luckily in online PR everything leaves a footprint, so monitoring the impact of what we do on traffic and social mentions is a piece of cake.


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