Getting creative during the pandemic: how companies responded during COVID-19

Getting creative during the pandemic: how companies responded during COVID-19

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When it comes to our work, nothing lights our fire more than creative campaigns that actually help clients reach their target audience and achieve their goals.

And over the last 18 months, PR professionals like ourselves have had to get a tad more creative — with lockdowns, social distancing regulations, and slashed marketing budgets being just a few obstacles to overcome.

But boy, did our industry show what it’s made of! Here are just a few of our favourite PR campaigns during the course of the pandemic.


To encourage families to stay home and help flatten the curve during the peak of the pandemic, Lego created an animated video urging kids to be superheroes while offering suggestions on what to do to stay safe.

By helping to empower children and offer a positive take on the impact of the crisis, Lego was able to solidify its connection with its target demographic, while also offering educational tips and resources.

The result was high levels of engagement and apparently record-breaking sales during a time when most of the population were opting to spend less.


As a company that depends greatly on people’s ability to travel and socialise, you can imagine the looks on the marketing team’s faces when they were planning their campaigns during the pandemic.

But although Airbnb hosts from all over the world had to stop hosting, the company organised a mass virtual meet-up, bringing together people from different cultures to socialise online.

By doing this, they created heart-warming video content that reminded those stuck at home, that closeness and connection can take place from anywhere in the world.


In their campaign #IsolatedNotAlone, Avon decided to step up and discuss a serious issue that heightened significantly during the course of the pandemic.

The increase in domestic violence put many women and children at risk during lockdown. In a bid to help this, AVON decided to partner with three non-profit organisations and issue a grant of $122,500 to support those impacted.

To spread awareness and offer virtual support, they also hosted live sessions on Instagram — discussing important topics like seeking help and what to do if someone you love is in danger.

They also partnered with influencers who actively talk about social issues and were able to reach over a million unique users.

Putting our heads together and coming up with creative ways to reach a brand’s target audience is what we do best.

If you’re looking to uplevel your PR and marketing efforts in the new year and want experts who know how to speak directly to your target market, look no further.

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