Is this the end of the PR office?

Is this the end of the PR office?

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There’s no question that the global pandemic has transformed the way we think about our working environment. There have been huge shifts across many sectors — and PR is no exception. And as we start to come out the other side, we ask, what does this mean for the future of the PR office?

PR is an industry that thrives from collaboration. Those golden ideas that pop up in an impromptu brainstorming session, those creative sparks that fly over a chat or a coffee break and that little nugget of advice from your next-door desk buddy, are all examples of this.

Is it possible to replicate that remotely? Train team members well and instil company values? Onboard effectively? Connect with clients?

The data shows that post-pandemic, the majority of employees want a flexible working model. They crave the flexibility to work wherever they like. In fact, the desire for a remote working policy is so strong that it’s likely to be a deal-breaker for many when applying for a new job role.

Remote or hybrid working models have advantages for businesses, too, of course. There’s access to a wider talent pool, cost reductions, a happier and more productive team.

Equally, there are potential downsides. That loss of connection, sense of community, reduced collaboration, perhaps?

Here at Peppermint, we think if it’s done right, remote working doesn’t mean that you have to lose these things. It’s something that we passionately believe in. We want our team to have the work/life balance they desire. We want them to feel supported. Connected. We want clients to know that the service they are getting is tier one. 

In fact, that’s why we took the plunge and made the decision to close our Hale office altogether — and we’re proud of that decision. Our team is based wherever they want to be — one of our team doesn’t even live in the country.  Does this mean we don’t value social connection? Of course not. It could be said that we value it more than ever.

When we do meet up, whether that’s as a team or with our brilliant clients, we make it work and value it more than before. We meet in places that inspire us, places that give us a different view — maybe they can help us learn a little more about a business or inspire some new ideas.

We’ve implemented hybrid onboarding and training processes that offer flexibility but also that crucial face-to-face time to form relationships and really get under the skin of accounts as a team.

We’ve adapted and made changes that are here to stay at Peppermint Soda — and we are thriving as a result.

It turns out, for us, the office really was just a state of mind.