Is your organic Facebook reach about to nose dive?

Is your organic Facebook reach about to nose dive?

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As marketers, we like to talk about meaningful conversations. Making dialogue between a brand and its audience appropriate and useful is one of the key attributes of successful marketing; something which applies regardless of the platform you’re using to communicate.

‘Meaningful’ was the key takeaway from Mark Zuckerberg’s latest Facebook update announcement, in which he extolled the benefits of making time on Facebook ‘well spent’ and reiterated the platform’s commitment to strengthening real-life relationships.

In a nutshell, what he meant was that from this point onwards, content from friends and family will take precedent over page content in a person’s newsfeed. To drill that down even further – your organic page reach is about to drop through the floor.

But before you sound the ‘panic’ alarm, stop, take a breather and consider this. Any change to a social platform’s algorithm presents an opportunity to be a leader in the next phase of social networking. Zuckerberg’s statement made it clear that all is not lost for businesses using Facebook – so don’t just sit and watch your numbers go down with your head in your hands; take action now to change the direction of your content plan and all won’t be lost.

There’s a really important takeaway from Zuckerberg’s message which is this: Facebook will continue to give newsfeed space to brands which facilitate conversation. There’s a real opportunity to add value to your audience’s lives this way – which is only going to be a good thing for your marketing overall. Posts which generate conversation are more likely to find their way into your audience’s feeds, so think carefully about the best way to get people’s fingers typing. You’ll need to know your audience inside out to do this.

Naturally, new Facebook features such as stories and Facebook Live are going to deliver more newsfeed space, so make sure your content planner includes a mix of content locations as well as types. Video is still more popular than static content and we don’t expect that to change any time soon, so invest properly in good quality video.

My final message to you is this – ad space is not likely to be affected by this change. If you’re not already putting budget to your Facebook campaign, now’s the time to start. Otherwise you could find yourself spending all your efforts talking to… yourself.