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When telling people what I do for a living over the five years I’ve worked at Peppermint, I’ve usually been greeted with responses like ‘Oooh, I bet it’s really glam, isn’t it’, ‘So, are you like celebrity agent?’ and, of course, ‘Ah, like Patsy and Eddie off Ab Fab?’. Unfortunately, all three responses are a defiant ‘no’ (ok, maybe a touch of glamour!).

However, I can safely say that my time at Peppermint has indeed been varied and filled with some amazing memories.

Deciding to move from journalism over to the ‘dark side’ of PR was a huge step for me and one that I wasn’t quite sure of at first – but, as I tie everything up and finish my handover on my very last day, I wanted to share what I’ll miss most about being a Peppermint.

Firstly, it sounds cliché, but I can honestly say that I’ve been lucky enough to work with my best mates while I’ve been here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not all sunshine and rainbows with zero disagreements, but the team is what truly makes Peppermint what it is. Whether it’s supporting each other during a hairy client situation, handling a last-minute media crisis together or sharing any personal problems, it’s second nature to step in when needed.

I’m also constantly in awe of how talented and truly dedicated they are, always thinking of ways to freshen things up and keep the results flowing in.

Speaking of results, I’ll really miss the excitement that comes with securing an incredible piece of coverage for a client. Although we’ve grown to become a fully integrated agency, our core is very much in media relations and we do it pretty darn well!

For me, there’s no better feeling than working on a media campaign from the very beginning, ironing out the strategy and pitching in to journalists, to then see your hard work pay off and make a difference to your client.

One such example was The Angelina Effect campaign we led for our client, Prevent Breast Cancer – we worked our bums off speaking to journalists about how Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy had led to an increase in women being tested for the mutated BRCA gene, determined to secure that all-important national coverage. It was all worth it as we landed over 140 pieces of coverage across the world, with the cherry on the cake being a string of industry award wins.

So, as I pop on my out of office for the very last time and head off out for one (or maybe five) glasses of wine, I want to say a big, fat THANK YOU to my Peppermints and how proud I am to have been part of such a s**t hot team for so long! xx