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At Peppermint Soda, we understand that the retail landscape is rapidly evolving, requiring dynamic, innovative and impactful retail PR strategies to foster brand loyalty. Our expertise can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Our Approach to Retail PR

Our expert and award-winning PR strategy has elevated a variety of top retail brands, both online and on the high street. We want to understand who your customers are, and what drives them. Using a range of brilliant creative strategies, top-level marketing and media relations, advanced advertising and a tactical use of social media, we can hook in those consumers and keep hold of them too.

How we can help

Store Launches and Product Placement

Store Launches and Product Placement

At Peppermint Soda, we also work with our clients to plan successful store launches and increase brand awareness through product placement campaigns.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

We also know that sometimes, things do not always go to plan, negatively affecting public brand opinion. That is why we also provide extensive client support for improving and protecting brand image through our crisis communications expertise.

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Why Choose Peppermint Soda?

Retail is all about making personal connections, so we like to use the same ethos when working with our clients. You’re more than just a PR campaign to us – you’re a colleague and a part of our team. That’s why we start things with a coffee and a chat; so we can foster an in depth understanding of your company, how you’d like to evolve, and the PR strategies we can employ to get you there.

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Our Clients

Our expertise is not limited to specific retail sectors. We have provided bespoke retail PR for healthcare, food and drink, eCommerce, fashion and beauty brands. We work with a range of clients, from smaller retail businesses to large nationwide high street brands, including Home Bargains, Elbow Grease and Minky.

Home Bargains
Minky Homecare
Elbow Grease
Taskers Of Accrington
Haute | Dolci
Enashaw Contract

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