Media Training with Peppermint Soda: become Media Memorable for all the right reasons!

Ever wondered how you can make your story more newsworthy and compelling so you can cut through the noise and get your message across? Sometimes, it’s hard to see how to break through in this 24x7, news-driven world where instant sound bites count

We’ll help you confidently communicate your organisation’s key messages to the media

With our media training workshop, you’ll learn how to understand:

At Peppermint Soda, we understand just how difficult all this can seem; that’s why our media-savvy news hounds are on hand to help guide you in how to translate your business stories into juicy sound bites and evergreen material that we know the media will love.

We’ll help you gain practical interview experience covering TV, radio, and print (online) interviews. If you are already working hard to attract media attention, we’ll help ensure you stay on point, ready to respond when a journalist calls you for a quote or to comment on a breaking news story.

Our workshops are typically a half-day to a full day long

depending on the numbers required for media training

Working one-on-one or in small groups, our expert media coaches and trainers will work with you to help you make the right impression, keep calm, and confidently handle media interviews when it counts


We will listen carefully to you regarding your key objectives and any concerns you have surrounding handling the media

Our media training workshops are individually tailored to suit your requirements. Once you’ve booked a date with us, we’ll send you a full brief in advance, together with questions and examples to follow


We’ll send you a summary of the training objectives, lessons learned, outcomes and any further pointers to help you and your team remember the key points going forward.

Meet future challenges confidently, no matter what’s thrown at you!

As a valued client, we’ll offer you a discounted rate if you feel your team needs a refresher course in the future, as we understand the media landscape is forever changing, and we can help you build on what you’ve learned already.

Through Peppermint Soda’s media training, you’ll learn to:


Identify media opportunities and recognise key principles in dealing with media interviews


Learn to identify what makes a great news story


Learn how to represent your organisation in a positive, engaging way


Prepare for different types of media interviews (proactive and reactive and across social media)


Communicate key messages eloquently, including handling difficult questions


Craft your messages to maximise media pick-up and reach a wider audience


Media Training with Peppermint Soda:

come to the best and forget the rest!

Whether you are a current client or not, we’d love to explore the opportunity to work with you and share some of the outstanding media coverage we’ve achieved for a range of our B2B and B2C clients who followed our media training advice.

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