How To Make Your Company Come Alive With Visual Story Telling

In the increasingly competitive business landscape, corporate videos have become crucial for companies to communicate their brand story, showcase their services, and engage new target audiences. Yet, only some corporate videos are worthy of people hitting the share button on LinkedIn. So, what key elements make a corporate video captivating and memorable?

The Art of Storytelling

All videos – even corporate videos – need an intriguing narrative. Discard the idea of a plain, hard sell, 2-minute video and look to producing a captivating visual story that strikes a chord with your intended audience. What activities occur every day that highlight the journey your brand has gone through? Do you have testimonials from satisfied customers? The more your audience can identify with your story, the greater their engagement will be – helping them become more interested in how you can help them whilst creating a relationship based on trust with you and your brand.

A strong story that conveys your brand’s message and intrigues, inspires and invokes curiosity is the goal for any corporate video – it is not just a promotional tool but the visual method of conveying your brand in a memorable way.

High-Quality Production Values

Sharp and dynamic pictures, crystal clear and perfectly balanced audio, and smooth editing, creating a seamless flow from one scene to the next will not only engage viewers, but the attention to detail will leave a positive impression of your brand.

A well-produced video doesn’t necessarily mean an extravagant budget. It’s more about careful planning, creative thought, and meticulous execution. Our team at Peppermint Soda have worked in television and film production for many years, which means they can not only craft your story – but have the experience to know what is the best choice of camera angles, lighting setup, and audio mixing for your corporate video.

Focused and Clear Messaging

Falling into the trap of overloading your corporate video with abundant information about your company can be all too easy. The most engaging and compelling videos deliver a well-defined, clear message.

Whether the purpose of your video is to launch a fresh product, announce a corporate milestone or shout about a unique promotion, the core messaging should be sharp, direct, and jargon-free.

By trying to share too much information, you run the risk of overloading your audience and watering down your central message. Avoid fluff and aim for punchy, concise communication that instantly connects with your audience and effectively communicates your brand’s ethos.

Strong Call to Action

Beyond simply holding your viewers’ attention, an exceptional corporate video seeks to inspire action – and you need to be clear about what action.

It could be visiting your website, subscribing to a newsletter or purchasing a product.

The essence lies in incorporating a clear, compelling call to action (CTA) that confidently steers your audience towards the desired behaviour. A well-crafted CTA isn’t merely a suggestion but a persuasive nudge in the right direction, guiding viewers further along their customer journey.

A crucial aspect of crafting a compelling CTA is making it clear and concise. Ensure what you’re asking of your audience is unmistakable, and, most importantly, make it easy for them to do.

Authenticity and Transparency

Your corporate video is a prime opportunity to let your genuine character shine, giving viewers an intimate peek into your organisation. Showcase your ethos, the people that make your company tick, and the unique culture that sets you apart.

However, your corporate video is not merely a highlight reel of your successes; it should also address challenges you’ve overcome, providing an unfiltered view of your company. This transparency enhances your credibility, reassuring viewers that your brand is reliable and honest.

Emotionally Engaging Music and Visuals

The choice of music, which often happens during the edit, is essential to setting the right tone for your corporate video. The music for a charity appeal will be very different to the music needed to uplift and energise an audience to purchase a new tech product.

Similarly, visuals – such as graphics or animation – can hook the viewer’s attention. High-quality visuals draw the eye and contribute to the story, creating an immersive viewing experience.

By researching and planning your corporate video, the final finished corporate video will resonate with your audience whilst showcasing your brand that your audience will not just watch but feel

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