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Having a chinwag here in the office sent us into a full-on ‘blast from the past’ reminiscing session and I got to thinking about all the futuristic, technical and digital technologies we discuss on this blog all the time. But what about past innovation?

I have such fond memories of various old technologies and I felt I wanted to share them here today – Throwback Thursday.

Being a ‘girl’ of a certain age now, there were few exciting entertainment options when I was in my early teens. One was heading down to Prime Time to select the very latest film release on VHS on a Saturday afternoon! Wow, I am smiling as I’m writing this. Prime Time – and no, anyone born after 1990, I don’t mean Amazon Prime! The shop held a ‘prime’ location on Hale high street, now currently leased by Costa Coffee. Video was cool and bang on trend – poor old Betamax was very much old hat!

Betamax video player

Then that spurred us on to good old Sony Walkman – mine was regularly playing cassettes from Madonna’s early years and some Stock, Aitkin and Waterman (I know!). But, before we knew it, in waltzed the Discman and I was totally out of the loop – actually, these players were introduced when I was very young, but you get the point.Sony Walkman

Within 15 years, the MP3 player was on the market. Wait a minute, 15 years? That’s a long time really; these days the speed of improvements to and developments of new products and technologies is so fast. We forget that these completely ground-breaking inventions were with us in a time when technology was truly an emerging entity.

We take for granted a lot of innovations these days. One such invention is virtual reality – some people just disregard it as a nonsense, but are they right or wrong? Proximity marketing was heralded as the next big thing in advertising, but do people really care? We need to appreciate these technologies for how truly clever and inspiring they are, even if they’ve not taken over our lives yet. Just thinking about what is available and actually possible right now is quite awesome.

Without sounding like a complete dodo, I remember when we used to fax press releases and I worshipped my Nokia banana slide phone (I know that’s not its real name!). We really need to value the speed at which technological innovations have completely and utterly changed the way we live our lives.

Nokia banana phone

I for one, however, do miss going to Prime Time, Blockbuster or HMV and selecting my next cassette, CD, video, DVD, or whatever… just thinking about all these things makes me smile.

Anyone care to reminisce with me?

There’s a Peppermint sweetie gift box for the best memories left below…