Has Asda scored an own goal with new PR initiative?

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Own goal

As well as enthusiastically watching the performance of England during this World Cup, the Peppermint team has been looking closely at the various tactics employed by many PR agencies and brands, as they all try to score with the perfect World Cup-inspired PR story. With the papers now filled with our World Cup defeat, one story caught our attention, courtesy of the Brazil of consumer PR – Asda.

Asda is a company we very much admire here at Peppermint, as it’s constantly generating brilliant PR – from the £15 suit to its Asian clothing range. This latest initiative promotes a campaign that offers free eye tests to anyone with a Uruguayan passport – highlighting the ineptitude of the Uruguayan referee in England’s galling defeat at the hands of Germany.

The World Cup has provided a great pedestal for the PR industry to perform, with Asda getting what seems like the last goal with this topical initiative that will surely resonate well with England fans.

However, whilst we here at Peppermint may cheer Asda’s initiative, we do wonder if everyone else will view it so favourably. Might one argue that it is in fact illegal to discriminate against other nationalities and not offer them free eye tests? After all, you couldn’t offer a discounted or free service to someone based on their religion or colour of skin – the backlash would be louder than 1,000 vuvuzelas!

We do hope that people will read this story in the good humoured spirit in which it was intended, and that Asda has not scored the proverbial PR own goal.