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Take our three step quiz to find out which colours are best suited to your brand!

If you’ve ever visited Peppermint HQ, you’ll have seen our mix of vibrant blues and pinks on the walls and in our logos. Even if you haven’t, you can’t have missed them on our business cards, website and emails.

Branding might seem like an obvious part of the nuts and bolts of marketing practices, but it’s easy to underestimate how important a strong visual presence can be. According to the aptly titled The Impact of Colour in Marketing, 90 per cent of snap judgements made by customers – in both B2B and B2C businesses – can be attributed to the colours of that service or product’s logos and colours alone, particularly when compared to competitor services.

Getting the colour palette to represent your brand spot on might not seem like the most important thing to get right – plenty of companies are successful without exceptionally strong branding – but it should never be completely ignored.

At the very least, your brand colours should emulate the values you’re trying to communicate. If your brand values were all about steadiness and reliability, you may want to steer clear of red, known for representing passion, intensity and desire.

Perhaps a blue – dependable and trustworthy – works better, or even silver or grey would be apt choices, as they’re more likely to emphasise the reliability and stability that you feel are inherent to your values.

There’s no clear-cut definition for choosing the right colours for your brand, but a few key things to bear in mind are:

  • Who are you selling to? According to research, 23 per cent of women claim purple is their favourite colour, while most men have dismissed the colour completely – with 22 per cent going so far as to say it’s their least favourite!
  • Think twice before choosing orange as a brand colour, as 22 per cent of men and 33 per cent of women claimed that it’s the worst colour on the spectrum. Ouch.
  • Redecorating your living room and choosing brand colours are two very separate things! Don’t let your liking of khaki or love of mauve home furnishings influence your company’s new logo. This is a strictly business-led decision!
  • Guys – pink isn’t just for the ladies out there. Pink is regularly highlighted as a colour that fuels creativity. Plus, when it’s paired with teal it’s a dream – trust us!

So, what does this all actually mean? Well, we’ve developed a fancy thingymajig (our digital team reliably informs me it’s a quiz) that attempts to test these theories – it suggests what your brand colours should be, based on the values and qualities you feel your company should exude.

Please note: it’s not an exact science and we’d recommend that you use a professional eye to help you add some context to your brand identity but, if you want to find out what colour your logo should be (or even yourself as an individual… why not?!) then take our quiz and find out!

We’d love to hear what you think on Twitter @Peppertweets. I’m a blue, by the way!