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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bang on trend! In more appropriate speech – AI and machine learning are in the midst of transforming the technological landscape. But, we’re not quite at the Busted ‘Year 3000’ level yet, or the flux capacitor (fancy name for a time-machine) – well I don’t think Peter is going to be bringing it out any time soon! As SmartInsights suggests “AI is still in its innovation trigger phase with 10 or more years before it reaches its plateau” – fancy.

Here, at Peppermint, we have the opportunity to work with some pretty cool tech clients. As a young girl who grew up on a farm, was force-fed cottage pie, and never really dabbled into forward-thinking life until university, joining Peppermint (I’m new by-the-way) and working with these tech clients is, well, exciting stuff! I’m sure my previous experience with tech, constantly shouting at Alexa to play “Robbie Williams, Greatest Hits”, would be least impressive.

Looking at the news every morning and searching for opportunities for our clients, I’ve noticed there is lots of content surrounding the anxiety of AI. Will humans have any jobs left? Are robots going to take over? What springs to mind is that very creepy advert for ‘Humans’ on E4! And it’s true; new technology is scary. Ever find yourself talking to friends in the local pub and suddenly the advert for that company appears in your Facebook newsfeed? As the infamous saying goes, “if you can’t beat them join them” and, instead of talking about the uncertainties surrounding AI, now is the time to jump on that tech-board.

But how can AI transform marketing?

According to Google, AI can “get us to closer to one of advertising’s most sought-goals: relevance”. As we know it, consumers have higher expectations and are expecting more personalised experiences. I’m not-so-sure on Natwest’s “Hi Becca” every time I log into their account and check my current shortage, but it is the right step as brands constantly compete with their competitors. So, how as a brand are you going to stand out? AI will help us marketers fully grasp our target audience, which is something every marketer craves.

As Google puts it “we’re getting closer to a point where campaigns and customer interactions can be made more relevant end-to-end – from planning to creative messaging, to media targeting to the retail experience”. We will be able to measure our metrics more efficiently and take into account “all the signals we have at the customer level, so we can consider not only things like consumer’s colour and tone and preferences, but also purchase history and contextual relevance”.

It’s time to embrace the movement of AI and, I don’t know about you but hold on tight, we’re in for a thrilling ride!