Digital marketing is a moving feast

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“We need to get more business – let’s get the website sorted out and post something funny on Facebook. Once that’s done we’ll be fine.”

No you won’t.

Digital marketing is not a single action; it’s a constant process. Digital is organic. As odd as that sounds, it is – and I’ll explain why.

The digital landscape is constantly changing; it evolves, sprouts new areas and dies in others, changes shape, speed and size. You can’t plant a few seeds, sit back and expect to succeed – you need to nurture your digital marketing.

It’s a common mistake to expect, a small amount of marketing, run over a limited period of time, will make the phone ring or increase sales. It may well do this for a short period of time but you can’t sit back. It’s a noisy market place and whether your competitors are active or not, it‘s highly likely that the people you want to speak to are.

So you have a choice: do you get involved or do you sit this one out?

If you decide to go for it, be prepared to commit time and money. Half-hearted attempts do not win the day. Digital is not a magical formula that takes unknowns to super-brand, despite all the wonderful stories we read. These brands have invested at least three, if not all, of the following factors: hard work, creativity, time and money.

And the most important thing that these brands have created? Trust.

In a world of endless choice and comparison, trust is the instinct on which we buy.

Trust isn’t built in a day. It’s not a building or a fixed contract. It’s an ongoing development that requires regular maintenance, building and nurturing.

Digital marketing is here to stay and is rapidly starting to dominate the way businesses market themselves. If you need help or advice in building your brand online, let’s chat.


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