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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and in comes another seasonal event that compels consumers to splash the cash. The day, which has become a profit-making machine for retailers, is ramping up consumer spending year-on-year and is showing no signs of slowing down in 2017.


Although the commercialisation of Mother’s Day has made it more of a ‘Hallmark holiday’, it opens up a world of opportunity for brands, marketers and advertisers. It allows them to run topical campaigns and the emotional aspect of the day means they can pull on your heart strings as well as your purse strings.


Mums are worth it though – right? In honour, here’s a look at some of our favourite Mother’s Day campaigns.


Pandora and Snapchat

During 2016, Pandora became the first UK-based retailer to partner up with Snapchat to create a sponsored geo-filter. The branded filter came to life on Mother’s Day and invited Snappers to take a selfie with their beloved mum. Pandora encouraged users to share their images on Twitter and use promotional hashtags for a chance to win a shopping spree in store. For extra oomph, the campaign also used influential bloggers who shared stories about their own mother-daughter relationships in the lead up to the day. Bravo, Pandora!



Interflora – The Power of Flowers

 Interflora launched a digital campaign in 2015 to make us reflect on the variety of reasons we buy and send flowers. The aim was to remind people that, yes, flowers are pretty, but they are also powerful symbols of love and emotion that are often taken for granted, much like some mums. The brand ran video and banner advertisements to position themselves as the go-to flower service for Mother’s Day.


Hallmark – #PutYourHeartToPaper

 Following a popular social experiment launched for Valentine’s Day, Hallmark wanted to keep the momentum going with its ‘Put Your Heart to Paper’ campaign. It aimed to create impactful, emotive video content to be shared on social channels and asked participants to talk about their mums without using the expression ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’. Take a look at one of the heartwarming reactions when they realise Mum was listening all along!


Apple – Shot on iPhone

 To celebrate motherhood and in honour of Mother’s Day in the USA, Apple continued its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign with a montage of images and clips of motherhood, shot through the lens of an iPhone camera. It celebrates mums and showcases the capabilities of the camera, whilst tugging on heart strings with a suitably emotional song.


Obviously, the marketing power and reach of Apple is impossible to achieve by just about anyone or anything – but all is not lost. Global organisations and large brands, like the above, plan these campaigns for months, even years, in advance. Smaller companies, however, have the flexibility to execute quick marketing shots ahead of Mother’s Day that are topical, enhance brand awareness and spark audience engagement – and it’s still not too late to plan for 2017. Here are a couple of tips:


Make social work for you

If you already have a good social media presence, use it to your advantage. Facebook users engage with contests and giveaways, because who doesn’t love a freebie! Photo competitions are perfect for Mother’s Day and are really shareable. Challenge your followers to take the funniest or cutest selfie with their mum, or keep it simple with a ‘tag your mum and share’ giveaway.


Go back to basics

If you sell products or services of any kind and have a database of customers, basic email marketing is a great way to remind them that you’re still there and could help them with their Mother’s Day shopping dilemmas. Prepare a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up and let them know what you’ve got to offer.


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