Shaking the apple tree causes download outrage

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I was really shocked at news that Apple has allowed an application called ‘Baby Shaker’ to be released for sale on its iTunes Store.

The aim of the ‘game’ is to quieten crying babies by shaking your iPod or iPhone until two red crosses appear on the eyes of the baby and the crying stops.

It’s since been removed from sale and Apple has apologised for the mistake.  They also declined to release details on how many times the game had been downloaded by customers.

All applications have to be approved by Apple before going on sale.  The question, therefore, is who approved this game and how did it get through the vetting process?   Whilst competitor offerings, such as the G1, allow for open source development, Apple has always kept a tight control on what can be released using its technology.

Since buying my iPod touch, I’ve been a regular contributer to the 1 billion downloads to date. This serious lapse in judgement has made me question my eagerness to buy apple downloads.