Taste the rainbow???

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There was much techy-furore yesterday (a fair few @replies on Twitter to say the least) about the relaunch of Skittles.com.  I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t know what was going on.  I’d heard it’d relaunched, so I went to have a little look and was immensely confused when I clicked on and was redirected to the Skittles Facebook, Twitter and Flickr pages instead of an actual Skittles website. 



The question is whether Skittles has been incredibly lazy (after all, what have they created, other than a few social media pages, linked together?) or supremely clever?  Indeed, why reinvent the wheel?  The likes of Facebook and Twitter are growing users and notching up column inches by the bucket load at the moment. 

The way they’ve piggy backed on current (very popular) tools is admirable, but as a website I think it’s a bit useless.  If you’re interested in these tools, you’ll already be using them and if you’re really that keen on skittles I’m sure you’ll be exploring their social media pages of your own volition.  They’re not offering (nor are they trying to offer you) anything new, apart from one website which links these various social networking tools together. 

Sure, it’s certainly grabbed a lot of people’s attentions this week, but who’s going to keep going back to a website that’s not offering its users anything unique at all?